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Immediate Access



Immediate Access Program:

California Baptist University recognizes the valuable contribution course materials provide in assisting students to reach their educational goals. With this in mind, CBU understands that course materials costs can often be a deterrence to students purchasing the materials that will benefit their academic success. At California Baptist University, we are committed to finding new and innovative ways to provide more affordable options to our students. We are excited to announce the implementation of our newest textbook program, Immediate Access.

 Immediate Access is a partnership with California Baptist University’s Campus Store, Online and Professional Studies program, and textbook publishers to deliver a new alternative option to the traditional methods to purchase course materials. This program is designed to provide students day-one access to their course materials while lowering the cost to students. We look forward to providing the students of CBU a more convenient and affordable option with both online and offline access.

Main Objectives:

  • Reduce Cost of Course Materials
  • Provide Immediate Access to Select Course Materials

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Immediate Access FAQ’s

Q: What is included with Immediate Access?

A: Immediate Access is an interactive learning platform that uses specific software to enhance a student’s educational experience through digital textbooks and course materials. This may also include multimedia video / audio presentations, adaptive quizzes, and homework sets that correspond directly to each related section of the course. Furthermore, by utilizing Immediate Access, students may have the option to purchase physical loose-leaf copies of textbooks at a special discounted rate. The digital content provided can also include necessary interactive learning platforms depending on the course (i.e. Connect, Mastering, MyMathLab, MyStatLab, Sapling, WileyPlus, etc.)

Q: How Much Does Immediate Access Cost?

A: Prices may vary, depending on the course materials selected by the instructor, but it is important to note that Immediate Access prices will consistently be lower than the cost to purchase the course materials elsewhere.

Q: How Long Do I Have Access to These Materials?

A: Access to course materials will vary depending on the publisher and the type of materials selected or the course. Access to many titles will never expire and will remain perpetually available to students. Other materials will be limited to 120-180 days to cover the length of the semester. To view the length of time students will have access to these materials, you can create a free account at https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/user/signin

Q: How Do I Pay for the Materials?

A: Charges for the materials will be placed on your Student Account. If financial aid has disbursed to your account and a refund issued, you will be responsible to pay any remaining book balance if you continue in the program.

Students DO NOT pay for these materials through Blackboard.

Q: How Does a Student Join Immediate Access?

A: All students are automatically enrolled in Immediate Access if they register for a course that is using the program. It is the student’s responsibility to opt-out of the program if they do not wish to participate.

Q: How Does a Student Opt-Out of Immediate Access?

A: If a student wishes to opt-out of the program and purchase their course materials through a different outlet, please Click Here to view our Immediate Access Opt -Out Tutorial.

Q: What is the deadline to Opt-Out of Immediate Access?

A:   The opt-out deadline is the drop date for each semester. After this date, the charges will be non-refundable.

Q: If I have opted-out, can I re-enter the Immediate Access Program?

A: If you need to opt back in, please contact us at immediateaccess@calbaptist.edu by the add/drop date for the term. When emailing, you will need to provide your student ID, course, and section number with a request to opt-in to the materials.

Q: If my course materials include homework tools and I decide to opt-out, will I lose the work I have already completed?

A: If you decide to opt-out, but purchase the materials from a different source and use the same credentials (email) to log in, your work should be retained.

Q: I am retaking a course that is participating in Immediate Access. Do I have to pay again?

A: If you are retaking a course, please contact us at immediateaccess@calbaptist.edu to confirm if you will need to pay for the materials a second time around. For many courses, access is only valid for 120-180 days (one semester).

Q: I am currently enrolled in two courses that are using the exact same materials in Immediate Access. Do I have to pay twice?

A: No. Please contact us at immediateaccess@calbaptist.edu by the opt-out deadline so we can add you to our list of exceptions. You will only be required to pay for one of the courses.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about anything CBU Campus Store related please refer to our Customer Support Email: cscontact@calbaptist.edu

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